SMA July: Updates, Bugs and Asteroids.

July 26, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

G’day everyone. Well what an update it has been on the server hey.

Asteroid Respawning Enabled.

Biggest server change currently is that asteroids will now respawn 60 minutes after being mined completely.

We ask players to report glitching asteroids so a moderator is able to take care of it.
Generally a ghosting effect of 2 asteroids appearing at once overlapping each other.
We also ask players do not interact with these asteroids as they risk massively lagging server and other problems.

update .0.199.646
We’ve seen a few problems with the games update and been busy keeping on top of them.
Alas only so much we can do with the bugs being in the games code.
We’ve been speaking to members of StarMades developer team Schine and been assured a hotfix is being worked on and will be released to the public as soon as possible.

So we all just need to just ride it out for now.

Here’s a few ways to to possibly fix some issues with update .0.199.646

Clear your client cache.
This is done via the Tools & Mods option on the games main menu.
We recommended clearing your games cache every time there is an update.
This can actually fix a large variety of the games problems that reside client side.

Unload the sector you’re in.
Simply log off and ensure there are no other players in the area. Wait up to around 1-2 minutes to allow the sector to unload.
Log back in.
Again this can fix a number of issues associated with sector content loading or working properly.

Respawn Entity.
If your ships or stations existed before the recent update and are experiencing issues save them to blueprint and respawn them.
With stations, respawning them in a new sector is recommended along with loading them in single palyer, checking they work then resave and upload the BP to the server.
(Be sure to delete previous BP saves.)

Restart the game.
When all else fails exit and restart the game.

Clean install StarMade.
Save your Blueprints and Templates folders and game configs to a backup folder and completely delete the game.
Then reinstall it from scratch. Re-add your backups.

Important. System requirments.

It’s important to know that StarMade is a very memory intensive game.
The more memory you can assign the game via it’s settings the better starmade you will experience.
64bit java and 8GB of ram will possibly give the best experience performance wise. It is not recommended to play the game with less than 4GB assigned.
GPU Wise a dedicated 2GB video card is a good starting point for graphics.

While it is more optimised than it has ever been. It is indeed a game that gives back what you put into it in terms of computer hardware.

Also be sure to report bugs in the game to the developers offficial bug reporting service and visit their forums at

Weekend events have kicked off.

Dane kicked off our first of hopefully many server events last weekend.
We hope to provide more such events on a regular basis, so keep your eyes out in game and on discord for news of events.
Click here to join our Discord server.

During such events we will give out prizes to participants. These could be ships, stations, credits or resoruces, depending on the event and level of risk.
Events will be a mixture of PVP events, quests, and community challenges.

And that’s it for now. Have fun and we’ll seeya on the Server.
~SMA Staff.