By playing on StarMade Australia’s server or using any of it’s associated web services you agree that you have read, and will abide by, these rules.

1: No camping people’s homebase.

2: No exploiting, forcing glitches or intentionally breaking the server.

3: Admins may intervene and halt projects, actions or entities that are harmful to the server at any time.

4: No multiple logins: Players can have ALT accounts, but you must only be logged into a single account at any time.

5: Abuse will be met by Admin intervention.

6: Admins have final say on any dispute and will issue penalties as they see fit.

*Theses rules may change any time.


Note: Server currently has a 2 million block limit for ships and 3 million blocks for stations.

Anyone caught impersonating SMA staff will be banned instantly. No warnings.
Admins and moderators will always have asymbol in front of their name.

Play nice. Stay on topic.

Social Media applies to all services attached to StarMade Australia. Including but not limited to: Twitch YouTube Facebook Twitter

Social Rules TBA For now like forums,play nice.